and transition
of agricultural models

AgroParisTech Foundation

To support AgroParisTech’s students with their innovative business projects, the AgroParisTech Foundation has created « l’Itinéraire Entrepreneuriat ». Given the success of this program with students and the quality of the projects submitted, Fondation Avril, already a member of the jury since 2017, decided to provide financial support for the best projects.

In 2018, the jury awarded 37 students in three categories : Creativity Jury, Maturation Jury and Entrepreneurship Jury. The « Maturation » price allows first-year students to present their ideas to the jury. From the second year, they expose a project built over six months alongside professionals. « Entrepreneurship » prize is open from the third-year and rewards the best projects ready to enter the external incubation phase at the end of the course.

“Having been awarded by the AgroParisTech Foundation has greatly helped us publicize and improve our offer”

Ludovic Vincent,
founder of Biomédé


Since 2012, the AgroParisTech Foundation is anchored at the heart of the AgroParisTech teaching and research institution. Through its initiatives « Apprenant, Citoyen et Entrepreneur » (Learner, Citizen and Entrepreneur), it supports and encourages everyone to imagine projects that bring solutions for the future of our planet.



Conducted by a consortium of key players in the agricultural sector, initially led by Fondation Avril, the project initiated by NumAgri aims to promote value creation for French farmers by facilitating data exchanges between actors in the agricultural sector, from the farm to the consumer.

Call for Proposals – Territories with Positive Agriculture

In 2019, Fondation Avril and French government launched the call for projects « Massif central, Territories with Positive Agriculture » in order to initiate the emergence of local multi-actor projects in Massif Central (highland region, in the middle of Southern France), combining development that creates sustainable values onto territories and agricultural transitions.

MOOC « Sols et Changement Climatique »

As part of its « Soils and Climate » mission, Fondation Avril supports Agreenium through the development of an online course (MOOC – « Sols et Changement Climatique », Soils and Climate Change), to help spread knowledge about soils and their role in climate change and food security.

Long-Term Unemployed Zero Territories

Fondation Avril is convinced that there is a pool of unfilled jobs in agriculture that limits the development of new agricultural activities. Short channels, for instance, force farmers to get involved in processing, sales and distribution.