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CIFS professionalization project in Togo

The soybean inter-profession

In Togo, the Ministry of Agriculture made an official request to the Fondation Avril and Agropol to support the professionalization of the soybean interprofessional organization, the CIFS (Soybeans Interprofessional Council in Togo).

Drawing on its know-how in structuring commodity chains and managing multi-stakeholder projects, the Foundation intends, through this project, to strengthen its action in favor of protein independence and the structuring of the legume commodity chains in Africa. Ultimately, the structuring of this sector will constitute a model for the implementation of other agricultural sectors in Togo.

Four major strategic projects (Phase 1) have been defined to bring the soybean sector to a level of excellence recognized by the entire international market: access to quality seeds; improvement of the skills of the actors in the sector; traceability; and development of national soybean sectors.

At the same time, following discussions with the CIFS, a training program led by Agropol, Phase 2 will be launched during a joint Fondation Avril/Agropol mission scheduled for January 2021 to evaluate, site by site, the objectives to be achieved and the resources to be mobilized. This phase will lead to the specifications and costing of the projects to be carried out later.


The Soybeans Interprofessional Council in Togo (CIFS) was created with the objective of professionalizing the soybean interprofessional sector in order to strengthen it. The CIFS brings together 3 links: the National Federation of Soybean Producer Cooperatives (FNCPS), the Togolese Association of Soybean Processors (ATTS) and the National Association of Soybean Traders and Exporters (ANCES).


Côte d’Ivoire Project

Following the Symposium “Entrepreneurship against malnutrition” organized on November 25 and 26, 2019 in Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire, the Fondation Avril committed to implement, in the field, the proposals presented during this event aimed at strengthening food security and improving nutrition of populations.

“Biodiversity and proteins” project in Southern Togo

As part of a partnership launched in June 2020, AFDI (Association Agriculteurs Français et Développement International) is supporting UROPC-M (Farmers’ Organization of the Maritime Region, in southern Togo) in the diversification and development of three legume crops: pigeon pea, bambara-bean and groundnut.

Symposium « Entreprendre contre la malnutrition »

During Sara (Salon International de l’Agriculture et des Ressources Animales), Fondation Avril organized with a group of institutional and economical partners a conference entitled « Entreprendre contre la malnutrition » on Monday, 25 and Tuesday November 26th 2019 in Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire.


Fondation Avril has been supporting AFDI since 2019 in a project to test digital agricultural services (management solutions, training, weather informations, price trends, stocks, experts advices, etc.) with 500 Malian cooperatives.