The Fondation Avril is recognized as a public utility by decree of 11 December 2014. Created by the agricultural world, the Foundation gets involved and acts in rural areas among vulnerable populations, In France and Africa, by pursuing missions of general interest.

The Foundation relies on the experience and the knowledge of its founders in the fields of agriculture and food, development of agri-food sectors, innovation and international cooperation.

It provides financial and human support for local initiatives, and the implementation of innovative projects involving different partners in France and around the world.


Towards inhabitants of rural areas and farmers, in both Africa and France but also in Africa, to improve the resilience of their farms in the face of economic and climate change.


In the actions carried out and partnerships forged in order to achieve tangible results in rural areas.


To explore new ways to promote the sustainable development of agriculture and rural areas, and to support research against the effects of climate change.