and transition
of agricultural models

Initiative France

Initiative France has launched the « Remarkable Initiative » program, targeting entrepreneurs combining economic success and voluntary responsible commitment, a program that Fondation Avril has been supporting since 2017, in the agriculture and food sector. The Foundation helped with the creation of 65 remarkable companies. In addition to its financial support, Fondation Avril brings its expertise in the sector to the « Remarkable Initiative » selection committees.

Being labelled as a « Remarkable Company » allows entrepreneurs who combine economic success, social voluntarism and environmental commitment to obtain additional funding up to € 20 000. This financing, in addition to honor loans provided by Initiative France’s local platforms, is a valuable help for entrepreneurs in the agriculture and agri-food sector supported by Fondation Avril.

In addition, the Foundation mobilises Initiative France around the challenges of entrepreneurship in the agriculture sector. A study on the financing of agriculture and its diversification helped to identify this sector as a priority for the association.


Almat-Up, new goat milk products

Sebastien was attracted to the farming community at a young age. He studied agricultural engineering in Beauvais and quickly became passionate about raising small ruminants. After the impetus given by the entry into the incubator of the regional food sector Food Val de Loire, in February 2018, he initiated the company AlmatUp which carries the brand So Chèvre. “Almat-Up is developed through the defense of human values which we are greatly attached to. We benefit from valuable support systems: The Entreprendre Val de Loire Network, the Touraine Chinonais Initiative, the Initiative Remarquable, the Centre-Val de Loire Region, Dev’up, UniLaSalle, University of Tours, EGEE… Thank you all!”


Initiative France is a network of 220 local associations providing financing and support to entrepreneurs, buyers and developers.


Fermes d’Avenir

Created at the end of 2013, the Fermes d’Avenir association, has the mission to develop agroecology. Through the creation of farms, its trainings, its competitions, its publications, its participative financing platform or the events it organizes, the association has woven links with about 500 farms engaged in an agroecological approach throughout France.


In 2012, the French Agroforestry Association (AFAF) launched the Agr’eau programme to implement agro-ecology and protect water resources. Agr’eau is applied on the scale of large river basins. The historical pilot region is the Adour-Garonne basin supported in particular by the Water Agency. Agr’eau is a network of farmers, advisers, researchers and private and public stakeholders.


Conducted by a consortium of key players in the agricultural sector, initially led by Fondation Avril, the project initiated by NumAgri aims to promote value creation for French farmers by facilitating data exchanges between actors in the agricultural sector, from the farm to the consumer.

Call for Proposals – Territories with Positive Agriculture

In 2019, Fondation Avril and French government launched the call for projects « Massif central, Territories with Positive Agriculture » in order to initiate the emergence of local multi-actor projects in Massif Central (highland region, in the middle of Southern France), combining development that creates sustainable values onto territories and agricultural transitions.