Promotion of healthy
and sustainable
food for all

Banques Alimentaires (Food Banks)

In order to participate in the dissemination of healthy and sustainable food for all, Fondation Avril and the Fédération Française des Banques Alimentaires signed their first three-year partnership in 2015. A study on rural precariousness and a guide to food aid in rural areas have been produced. During these three years, the Foundation also supported 7 local initiatives led by local Food Banks, to enable people in precarious situations to access quality food aid.

As part of its second three-year partnership, renewed in 2018, the Foundation wanted to expand its approach by mobilizing all local Food Banks around a series of internal calls for projects called “For food solidarity in rural areas”. Given the long distances to be covered in the countryside, the Foundation focuses on projects working on the creation of new services or pooling of equipment, to better assist its beneficiaries.

“The development of a new platform in Nevers will allow products to be distributed throughout the Nièvre department and better serve rural areas”

Gérard Bouchot,
President of the Food Bank of Burgundy


Created in 1984, Banques Alimentaires have been fighting for 35 years against precariousness and food waste. It is the first national food aid network with 108 locations, and 113,000 tonnes of food collected each year throughout the country, distributed to a network of 5,400 partner associations and Communal Social Action Centres, thanks to the commitment of more than 6,500 volunteers and 508 employees throughout the country.



In 2017, Solaal designed and distributed the guide « Le don agricole de A à Z », which lists 35 action sheets and 50 testimonies from committed farmers.