and transition
of agricultural models

Emmaüs France

An increasing number of Emmaus network structures want to develop projects that combine sustainable agriculture and social inclusion. That is why, in 2018, Fondation Avril decided to assist Emmaus France in its reflection on the development of agricultural activities likely to help its beneficiaries.

On the 287 Emmaus structures in France, 15 are already developing an agricultural project, and 10 are currently considering it. The projects identified today are very diverse: creation of vegetable gardens for the self-consumption of companions living in the communities, opening of an educational farm, marketing of local products… The objective of this partnership is to develop recommendations for the success of agricultural projects the creation of synergies with local actors, particularly with farmers located nearby.

“Since agriculture has been identified as an innovation avenue to be developed, my mission will consist in identifying agricultural projects, capitalizing then modelling in order to understand their functioning, the success factors and needs in terms of support”

head of the agricultural mission for Emmaüs


Emmaus was created 66 years ago to work with people victims of exclusion to find solutions that will enable them to become active in their lives again. Faithful to Abbé Pierre’s wishes, Emmaus has become both a factory of social innovation and solidarity to help people in precarious situations, and a committed and militant front for a more human and just society.


Fermes d’Avenir

Created at the end of 2013, the Fermes d’Avenir association, has the mission to develop agroecology. Through the creation of farms, its trainings, its competitions, its publications, its participative financing platform or the events it organizes, the association has woven links with about 500 farms engaged in an agroecological approach throughout France.


In 2012, the French Agroforestry Association (AFAF) launched the Agr’eau programme to implement agro-ecology and protect water resources. Agr’eau is applied on the scale of large river basins. The historical pilot region is the Adour-Garonne basin supported in particular by the Water Agency. Agr’eau is a network of farmers, advisers, researchers and private and public stakeholders.


Conducted by a consortium of key players in the agricultural sector, initially led by Fondation Avril, the project initiated by NumAgri aims to promote value creation for French farmers by facilitating data exchanges between actors in the agricultural sector, from the farm to the consumer.

Call for Proposals – Territories with Positive Agriculture

In 2019, Fondation Avril and French government launched the call for projects « Massif central, Territories with Positive Agriculture » in order to initiate the emergence of local multi-actor projects in Massif Central (highland region, in the middle of Southern France), combining development that creates sustainable values onto territories and agricultural transitions.