Promotion of healthy
and sustainable
food for all


In line with its mission to revitalize rural areas by promoting healthy and sustainable food for all, Fondation Avril has been supporting Solaal since 2015, to facilitate the organisation or farmer’s donation for national food assistance associations.

In 2017, Solaal designed and distributed the guide « Le don agricole de A à Z », which lists 35 action sheets and 50 testimonies from committed farmers. The objective is to spread good practices acquired by all actors to effectively combat food waste while providing quality products to people in precarious situations.

In 2018, Fondation Avril renewed its partnership with Solaal for three years. The association has thus been able to develop a mobile application that helps farmers to donate faster and more easily. Solaal continues to develop its « relays » throughout the country as well as local experiments: solidarity gleaning, donation chain, donations at agricultural fairs and exhibitions.

“We have spent a lot of time and energy producing our fruits, it is really dreadful having to throw them away! So obviously we prefer to give them away. Solaal helps us find the entitled national associations which thus get our products”

Emmanuel Dalle,
arborist in Hauts-de-France


Created in 2013, Solaal is a non-profit organization that aims to facilitate the link between donors in the agricultural and food sectors and food assistance associations. It brings together a large number of organizations from the agricultural, industrial, mass retail, inter-professional agricultural and food sectors and wholesale markets. Since its creation, Solaal has collected 13,500 tonnes of agricultural products, 99% of which are fresh products, the equivalent of 27 million meals


Symposium « Entreprendre contre la malnutrition »

During Sara (Salon International de l’Agriculture et des Ressources Animales), Fondation Avril organized with a group of institutional and economical partners a conference entitled « Entreprendre contre la malnutrition » on Monday, 25 and Tuesday November 26th 2019 in Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire.

Call for Proposals – Territories with Positive Agriculture

In 2019, Fondation Avril and French government launched the call for projects « Massif central, Territories with Positive Agriculture » in order to initiate the emergence of local multi-actor projects in Massif Central (highland region, in the middle of Southern France), combining development that creates sustainable values onto territories and agricultural transitions.


In 2019, Fondation Avril financed the Optigerm project, carried out as part of a partnership between CIRAD, Faculty of Agricultural Sciences of Abomey-Calavi University, Nutrinat and the Technical University of Munich.

Long-Term Unemployed Zero Territories

Fondation Avril is convinced that there is a pool of unfilled jobs in agriculture that limits the development of new agricultural activities. Short channels, for instance, force farmers to get involved in processing, sales and distribution.