of local sectors

Cuma-Bénin Aquitaine

In 2017, Fondation Avril made a commitment to the Cuma-Bénin-Aquitaine Association and the National Union of Cuma in Benin (UNCuma) to develop a mechanized soybean sector, from north to south Benin. The partners rely on the existing organization around maize to develop the soybean sector, from producers to processors, a « cereal-legume » synergy that benefits both soils and the nutritional balance of the population.

“Soybeans fix atmospheric nitrogen and are favorable for the next field crop for they fertilize the soil using organic techniques. It is an ideal crop in rotation with corn or cotton”

Koffivi Nouwogou,
CUMA coordinator


Since 1995, the Cuma-Bénin Aquitaine Association has been supporting National Union of Cuma in Bénin, a network of 87 cooperatives using agricultural aquipment, involving 500 producers on 5 300 hectars, mainly ub corn and cotton. Cuma of female processors are also part of this network.



Fondation Avril has been supporting AFDI since 2019 in a project to test digital agricultural services (management solutions, training, weather informations, price trends, stocks, experts advices, etc.) with 500 Malian cooperatives.

Moringa Fund

With the Moringa Fund, Fondation Avril takes part in an experimental program aimed at developing virtuous models around oil palm, cultivated in agroforestry by independent farmers.

SEED Project

Since 2017, Fondation Avril has been supporting the Seed Project, which sources and identifies new technologies adapted to agricultural transformation, especially for African family farmers.

Soybean sector in Burkina Faso

In Burkina Faso, Fondation Avril and Agropol signed a memorandum of understanding in 2016 with the Burkinabe Governement on the soybean sector, in particular around production development.