and transition
of agricultural models

Au Cœur des Paysans

The association Au cœur des Paysans offers visits to farms along a hiking trail that crosses France by the « diagonal of emptiness » from Charleville-Mézières to Fort-Romeu. Since 2016, some 700 kilometres have already been traced and 70 farmers have welcomed walkers to discover their trades: a very pleasant way to rebuilt links between rural and urban areas.

The Au Cœur des Paysans team is committed to introducing hikers to French agriculture in all its forms: viticulture, polyculture/breeding, field crops, market gardening, special productions (snails, fish farming…) and farming models, from organic to sustainable agriculture. Hikers can contact farmers through the website, which lists all the routes and provide hikers with maps and useful information.

“I am overwhelmed when I welcome curious people and I feel that I have taught them things about food”

Philippe Bertand,
dairy farmer in the Châtillonnais region


Au Cœur des Paysans, created in 2016, aims to rebuilt links between urban populations and the agricultural world by promoting an understanding of the richness and diversity of agriculture in France.



Conducted by a consortium of key players in the agricultural sector, initially led by Fondation Avril, the project initiated by NumAgri aims to promote value creation for French farmers by facilitating data exchanges between actors in the agricultural sector, from the farm to the consumer.

MOOC « Sols et Changement Climatique »

As part of its « Soils and Climate » mission, Fondation Avril supports Agreenium through the development of an online course (MOOC – « Sols et Changement Climatique », Soils and Climate Change), to help spread knowledge about soils and their role in climate change and food security.

Chair « Mutations Agricoles »

This Chair is based in particular on the work of eight professors-researchers in sociology and economics.


Fondation Avril has been supporting GRET since 2017, which supports the Centre Technique Agroécologique du Sud (CTAS) in the great south of Madagascar, in restoring the fertility of soils that have been severely degraded or even barren due to erosion and climate change.